See the Nymph’s journey

The emblematic statues of nymphs in the Plaza de España in the centre of Madrid were moved during building work. In “Metamorphosis” the scene becomes a musical journey.

Storm Filomena

When Storm Filomena hit Madrid and snow started to fall, Tom Skipp was the only person apart from the workers with access to the Plaza. In “Metamorphosis” you can see the “before, during and after” the storm.

The transformation of the Plaza de España in Spain’s capital city

For over 3 years Tom Skipp has filmed with singers the metamorphosis of a public space surrounded by heavy traffic, into new green, open walkways.

From Ovid’s “Metamorphosis”

“Although her companion nymphs had formed a barrier round her, she stood with her front turned sideways and looked at the rash intruder over her shoulder. She wished that her arrows were ready to hand, but used what she could, caught up some water and threw it into the face of the man.”

Diana and Actaeon

Let’s watch the film together

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